Knowing isn’t processing

I can testify that Reiki works. Since I first encountered Reiki last week so much has started to shift in my life: positive things, as well as a lot of garbage that now started to surface which is less comfy. Going back to work, an appointment for a new tattoo, suddenly received money so I can pay for my next BBTR training.

I didn`t make the connection with Reiki at first. Despite the fact I’m rather spiritual, I`m really skeptical towards the more floaty practices and strong experiences of others.

My latest 2 sleepless nights however made something really clear “Why isn’t my system allowing me to sleep tight and calm?” The answer is resistance.

My system knows that because of the Reiki a lot of pain and mess will come up and wants to protect me from that. As I do manage to sleep a little eventually, the stuff that is arising these past days is enormous. All items I know are making my life hard, but apparently knowing isn’t processing.

Because of Reiki, everything now surfaces. The next question is if through the surfacing these matters will be released as well, but that we’ll see over the coming period

W. after Reiki 1